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Mess Agreement

A. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of India. The deadline for this agreement between the contractor and the contractor is two years and can be extended by mutual agreement with the agreement of – Subject to the provisions of this agreement, the rates remain unchanged for a period of one year after which the conditions remain the same, but the rates are revised to take account of the rise in inflation that must be duly justified by the contractor. If, after the date of this agreement, there is an amendment or adoption of a law in India or an interpretation of the legislation in force in India, resulting in additional costs or savings for the contractor as a result of his activity under the agreement, the owner reimburses the owner or the contractor agrees to reduce the daily rate to reflect the savings made. which may be the case and that both parties discuss and agree on the method and the extent to which the supplier or client should be compensated for the additional costs or savings actually incurred. K. Make sure that all of the Principal`s appliances and real estate are cleaned and well maintained in the kitchen, in shops, in chaos halls, in the accommodation, as well as in the laundry and living rooms. The monthly report on the condition of the equipment is prepared and presented to the authorized representative of the principals for each ship. At the time of termination of the agreement, the contractor is required to charge the customer the value of this agreement, in accordance with the invoices that the contractor may keep in support of its pricing. The evaluation of transfer investors is based on net billing prices estimated at costs. E.

Prepare a first stock of crockery, cutlery, glassware, service items, kitchen utensils, pots and stoves and sheets such as sheets, cushions, pillowcases, mattresses, towels, etc. with a sufficient buffer stock, suitable for some people on ships for the duration of the contract, including refuelling. A. The kitchen, including all dishes, plots, pans and cutlery, dining and living spaces, including showers and latrines, equipped with reasonably necessary equipment to enable the contractor to provide the services described here, including refrigerators, range of ovens, electric table mixers, ice machine, ice machine, soft drink dispensers , the milk machine and other durable equipment of the same nature that the holder must provide for the provision of services under this agreement.