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Difference Between Award And An Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

Fair Labour Laws, which came into force in 2008, created individual transitional employment contracts or ITEAs (special agreements that could only be concluded until the end of 2009) and amended collective agreements in July 2009 in enterprise agreements. The parties approve the proposed enterprise […]

Debt Settlement Agreement In Writing

It is not always easy to recover an unpaid loan, and sometimes your debtor will not be able to pay you all. This debt settlement letter can help you recover some of your losses. By implementing new written terms, our debt settlement agreement can […]

Cra Service Level Agreement

7.9.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of the worker`s collective agreement on leave, a worker who accepts a job offer under that part may choose not to be paid for unpaid but unused leave credits, provided the new employer accepts these credits. b) Printed copies of […]

Consumer Credit Agreement Cooling Off Period

Write to the agency that gives your full name and address. It can also help give your credit reference file number. If you terminate a consumer credit contract, either during the cooling-off period or if the lender does not provide you with all the […]

Commonwealth State Territory Disability Agreement

Participation in the YPIRAC program is voluntary. The first priority of the program will be for people under 50. COAG found that responsibility for the day-to-day management of the program should fall to the governments of the federal states and territories and that implementation […]