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Qemu License Agreement

Qemu-kvm and libvirt-bin packages are required. virt-manager is also required to use a graphical interface (which most users want). It is very likely that this software can be installed with the usual distribution package manager. Warning: Whonix ™ 14 and previous versions use the “external” and “internal” network names. This means that the order must be changed accordingly. Try “virsh-c qemu:///system net-list” to list them all. Note A: The GNU General Public License can be used for general data that is not software, provided that it can be determined what the definition of source code refers to in the specific case. In English, this means that you can use the GPL for documentation, but it`s not necessarily a good choice unless you can define what “source code” means for your documentation. Also, if you use this license, use the corresponding version names as described in the Software License section. As each Fedora SPEC file is provided by the FPCA signatories, each Fedora SPEC is available under these license conditions (unless expressly authorized). All original fedora contributions are governed by the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement (FPCA). This means that a specification file, if it does not contain an explicit license attribute, is available under the mit license conditions.

2: If you do so as long as the project contains the code that is published only under GPLv2, you cannot update the project license to GPLv3 or more. These are software licenses that are NOT CORRECT for Fedora. Nothing in Fedora is allowed to use these licenses. They are either non-free or obsolete. 8: LGPLv3 gives you permission to re-validate the code under GPLv3. In these cases, you can combine the code if you convert the LGPLed code to GPLv3. We accept the license agreement and choose the section for installation These are licenses for which Fedora`s acceptance is unknown/undecided. If one of your packages uses one of these licenses, please let us know by email [email protected] (note that this list is animated, only members can post directly). To debug a Linux kernel run as a KVM guest, the -s setting of the qemu-kvm command line must be specified. Unfortunately, there is no (simple) way to do this if libvirt and virt-manager are used to manage your virtual machines (instead of using KVM directly). In this case, it is necessary to change the XML configuration of the virtual machine for the parameter -s to be transmitted to qemu-kvm.

In addition, all licenses acceptable to Fedora (including copyright, trademark and patent licenses) must apply not only to Red Hat or Fedora, but also to all downstream recipients. This means that all “Fedora only” licenses or licenses with certain conditions met by Red Hat or Fedora, but that other recipients would not be acceptable (and therefore are therefore almost certainly not free). Here are the documentary licenses we know. There are certainly other documentation licenses, if your Fedora package uses a license that is not mentioned here, please send an email containing [email protected] with the details (and the full text of the license). If the code is multi-licensed and at least one of the licenses is approved for Fedora, this code may be included in Fedora under the approved license or licenses (but only under the terms of the approved license or licenses). Note that any change of license to a more restrictive version of the license or license may affect the legality of Fedora parties as a whole; therefore, FESCo reserves the right to block package upgrades to versions with new licenses in order to guarantee the legal distribution of Fedora.