Monthly Archives: January 2009

Week Three

Chase enjoyed playing on his activity mat and doing Tummy time. He also loved naps in his swing. We are enjoying dressing him up in little man outfits and showing him off to everyone we know.

Week Two

Chase mostly did a lot of sleeping. But he did give his first smiles and loved laying in his boppy and looking at his hands. Chase loves snuggling with Daddy. And his little personality was coming out more and more each day.

Week One

We had an amazing first week with Chase. The pets got to know him. We introduced him to more of his cousins. Dressed him up like a Brewer for his baseball card birth announcements. We were so in love with our little man and were […]

One Day Old

Chase and Mommy got some sleep at the hospital. We all were doing well so got to take him home a little early. So we got settled in and Chase got to meet more of the family.

Chase Starr Vincent

Chase Starr is Born

Chase Starr Vincent was born 1-11-09 at 2:15am and was 7lbs and 20 inches long.