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College Professor Collective Agreement

If you have any questions about the collective agreement and are a member of fanshawe College, please contact us. The full-time faculty can refer to our FAQ. The salary grid is in section 14. Full-time professors find the provisions of section 11. As a chief member-teacher (more than 6 hours of teaching per week and up to 12 hours per week), you are a member of the academic unit of collective agreements and is covered by the workers` academic collective agreement. This agreement covers all partial and full-time faculties of the 24 Ontario colleges. The current four-year collective agreement expires on September 30, 2021. You can find a PDF version of your current collective agreement here: 2017-2021 Academic Collective Agreement. Please click on the links below to see active negotiated collective agreements between the parties. A collective agreement is a written contract between an employer and a union that describes many of the conditions of employment of workers in a collective agreement unit. There are two collective agreements that cover members of Algonquin College`s collective agreement unit.

The academic collective agreement includes professors, trainers, part-time staff, counselors and librarians. The support staff collective agreement includes all full-time support staff, Appendix D and Appendix G members. Please subscribe to our mailing list (private email address not Humber only) for updates and reminders on topics affecting all Humber College faculties. As a member of this bargaining unit, you will receive salaries, benefits and employment terms negotiated on your behalf by the Ontario Public Service Employees Association (OPSEU). As such, union fees are automatically deducted from your salary. However, you are only a member of our local community (Humber Faculty Union, LOCAL OPSEU 562) when you have signed your membership card. Examples of full-time scientific staff, administrative and support staff contracts can be found on the “Part-Time Boarding Process” page. The faculty of partial charges should pay particular attention to section 26.

We have also prepared a FAQ. Printed copies of the 2017-2021 Workers` Academic Collective Agreement have been distributed to all current full-time faculties. Fanshawe will provide a copy of the partially contaminated faculty at the beginning of his next contract. Download the CAAT-A collective agreement (2014-2017) FRANKFURT We wish you good luck at Humber College! We are here to support you, so don`t hesitate to contact you.