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Value Added Reseller Agreement Example

C. If the holder of the VAR sublicensing does not fulfill a substantial obligation regarding the product under its written sublicensing agreement with VAR, VAR is required to cooperate with the developer to protect and enforce the developer`s rights and property with respect to the products. VAR may use this agreement to show the under-licensed that it is bound by the agreement to apply these commercial conditions. B. The developer grants a limited and non-exclusive license to VAR to sublicensing the product to VAR`s end customers as part of the normal transaction. Any sub-licensing of the product by VAR must be carried out in accordance with a written licensing agreement approved in advance by the developer in terms of form and content and including at least: A VAR reseller contract is a contract between a value added provider (VAR) and a supplier for the combination and resale of a software product. An official license for LESRs by the manufacturer is important to continue developing and adding features to the product to create a value-added product that both parties can benefit from. Var is developing and enhancing existing software and technology products and marketing value-added products to end-users. This non-exclusive value-added agreement (with all parts and appendices of the “agreement”) was concluded on January 29, 2004 by and between Micro Focus (US), Inc.

and its “Micro Focus” affiliates, a Delaware company operating in 9420 Key West Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850, and Lawson Software, Inc. and its affiliates (the “VAR”), which operate in 380 St Peter Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102-1302. As part of this agreement, Micro Focus authorizes var to sell certain Micro Focus products that VAR will market as an added value element on its own VAR products and market them to end-users on the national territory. Var Reseller Agreement is a legally binding contract between a manufacturer or developer and a VAR reseller, which indicates the responsibilities and rights of the parties with respect to a product or service. Most agreements object to the assertion that the designation of this agreement is not exclusively subject to the VAR of the agreement, since there are several SUPPLIERS that would develop the product/service in different countries, but which would include an exclusivity clause for a particular sector or sector. B, such as the insurance sector or military territory. Var intends to accept a license for certain developer products, as stated on Schedule A (“products”), and to enhance and market value-added products in accordance with this agreement. Any guarantee or guarantee that the parties may offer may be included in a clause in the agreement or in various clauses, such as the marketing clauses of the product.B. As the VAR strives to develop the product or service provided by the manufacturer for marketing, both parties should be informed of how the product is marketed and the percentage of profits that both parties can share, as well as a detailed plan of the sales organization and activities of the product. In addition, the detailed plan may contain several provisions, such as the hiring of experts and technicians by the VAR or the marketing of the product by other companies.

This part is considered to be one of the VAR`s obligations to ensure that they take appropriate action to market the product. Value added comes either from combining a set of independent products from different suppliers, or from the addition of services such as consulting, customization, support or training. THE VAR agreements will come into effect for a fixed period known as the term of the contract. This part of the agreement should indicate the exact date of the agreement`s entry into force and the duration of the contract.